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60 Years
of Innovation



Rainin has led the liquid handling industry with groundbreaking products
designed to improve ergonomics, minimize environmental impact and empower
scientists to excel in their most ambitious work.



The world’s first electronic pipette improved pipetting accuracy and precision



Green-Pak and

The first-ever refillable tip racks reduce plastic by up to 80%



A revolutionary tip system designed in response to increasing concern over ergonomic stress



Multichannel Pipettes
A turning point for lab efficiency and throughput



The smallest semi- automated benchtop pipettor is portable and user-friendly

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“We don’t work
for the ‘company,’
we work for
our customers.”

– Ken Rainin, Founder

This was Ken’s motto with the Rainin sales team, and a rule for which he is
remembered. He correctly believed that if he and Rainin employees put
customers first, the rest of the business would follow.

Ken Rainin founded Rainin Instrument Company in 1963 in
Woburn, Massachusetts, after serving in the US Army. He distributed
lab instruments and supplies through 1971, when Rainin entered the
liquid handling market. Since then, the company has developed
pipettes, tips and accessories designed to improve the speed,
accuracy and precision of lifesaving lab research while minimizing
repetitive stress injuries and environmental impact.

Looking back over
60 years, Rainin is
proudest of its
industry leadership.


Empowering Scientists

Empowering Scientists

As the longtime preferred pipette brand of
leading scientific researchers, Rainin
provides the tools that enable scientists to
achieve their ambitious goals.


Empowering Scientists

Rainin continues to raise the bar for
innovation in ergonomics, having protected
researchers’ hands, wrists and livelihoods
for decades.


Empowering Scientists

Our lower-plastic, reusable, recyclable and
now compostable products help customers
meaningfully reduce their environmental


Anniversaries are funny things. It’s easy to say, “Great, you have a
rich and wonderful history, but isn’t it what you do next that really
matters?” Well, yes and no. Yes, as a company we can’t just rest on
our laurels. But a company’s track record matters… a lot.

For 60 years, Rainin has made extraordinary contributions to liquid handling and the life sciences. In fact, Rainin:

  • Invented the first electronic pipette (1984) – the stepper motor
    technology was so extraordinary that, for many years, other
    liquid handling companies licensed it for their electronic pipettes.
  • Introduced the Green-Pak and Green-Pak SpaceSaver refill
    systems (1995), which reduce plastic rack waste by up to 80%.
  • Developed LTS (1999) – the Rainin LiteTouch System – which
    still leads the industry for minimizing tip mounting/ejection
    forces and delivering reliable, air-tight seals on every channel.
    That’s why every Rainin multichannel features LTS.
  • Offered one of the first multichannel pipettes (1999) that, thanks
    to LTS technology and exceptional engineering, has long been
    the market leader for channel-to-channel accuracy and
    consistency, and effortless tip loading and ejection.
  • Released the Rainin MicroPro (2023) – the smallest, lightest
    and most fully featured and affordable 96-channel pipettor on
    the market.

We wrote the book
on pipetting

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